1 We recently made a major architectural change to Zuul , our cloud gateway.
2 Whereas the cost of a connection in the blocking model is a thread and with heavy memory and system overhead.
3 So how do two systems doing the exact same real work, although in very different ways, compare in terms of features, performance and resiliency?
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@iolothebard: 비동기 넌블러킹 시스템을 향한 넷플릭스의 여정 zuul 2 https://t.co/xEZ5sksHAV 넷플릭스의 기술블로그는 기술블로그의 모범이라 할만한 듯~

@ryudaewan: Zuul 2 : The Netflix Journey to Asynchronous, Non-Blocking Systems https://t.co/oBBOmKKHPo 그런데 사람은 예측할 수 있는 결과를 알고 싶어서, 동기식 -> 블로킹 테크를 타는 듯.