1 A leaked document Facebook sent to some of its biggest advertisers reveals that Facebook will launch ads within Messenger in Q2 2016.
2 Right now, almost all messages come from one’s friends, so Facebook will likely try to preserve this high signal-to-noise ratio with limits on adver..
3 To prepare, the document recommends that businesses get consumers to start message threads with them now so they’ll be able to send them ads when th..
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@lunamoth: Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger | TechCrunch - https://t.co/ntPvl89k9K // 페북 메신저에 광고? 이건 좀 거부감드는듯

@PAPERonNet: [Facebook] Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger 페북 이젠 메신저에 광고까지 넣겠다고... 0_o https://t.co/UhRPxt0Yiq #bookmark