1 Progress in science and technology accelerates when scientists share not just their results, but also their tools and methods.
2 The improvements came from building on insights provided by our partners at NYU who showed in an ICLR 2014 paper , for the first time, that doing co..
3 Observed speedups range from 3x to 10x on a single GPU, depending on the input sizes, kernel sizes, and strides.
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@sooz_lee: 페이스북에서 딥러닝 오픈소스 모듈을 공개. 대형 회사에서의 움직임으로는 이례적.

"FAIR open sources deep-learning modules for Torch


@lswdev: 페이스북, 딥러닝 모듈 "Torch" 오픈소스로 공개 http://t.co/bDdnGnRPcr