1 Every project begins with a rough sketch on a piece of paper that is gradually filled with colors, gradients, textures, patterns and other stylistic..
2 Usually, designers use such outlines as a base which should be transformed into a neat artificial-like user interface or website design.
3 The landing page is so tightly populated with doodles and hand-written fonts that in order to get a closer look at each element you should zoom the ..
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@likelinkUX: 손으로 그린 느낌, 스케치 일러스트레이션 웹사이트 디자인 모음 http://t.co/il14lBCyYC #uxkr

@mh3015: Lovely Website Designs with a Hand-Drawn Feel and Awesome Sketchy Illustrations http://t.co/J9Rh0LUMAl @onextrapixel 님이 공유