1 This summer, I packed up all my things and moved from San Francisco to Guangzhou, China for work.
2 Before the mass-adoption of emojis , the smileys available in most Western apps were direct graphical equivalents of traditional text emoticons , wi..
3 I had been stranded in an airport and was so delighted to see it as an option that I booked the room right then, rather than peruse other options th..
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@mycheez: "@xguru: 중국의 모바일앱 UI트렌드 http://t.co/KUSnu923N1 입력어려워서 영문자로 중국어 예측검색/음성메시지 선호/QR코드 일반화/미확인 뱃지/다양한 기능을 가진 거대앱/로그인은 전화번호,QR코드,소셜/채팅UI의 다양한활용등"