1 Slack , the enterprise collaboration platform co-founded by Stewart Butterfield of Flickr fame, continues to defy its namesake: we have heard from s..
2 It’s an unexpected successful turn for a platform that was created internally for Butterfield’s original company Tiny Speck so that staff based in d..
3 The total raise is said to be eight figures, and Sequoia* and KPCB are participating, our sources tell us, although the company has been talking to ..
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@jerry0906: 오....업무 툴로서 이메일이 바뀔때가 되긴 되었나보네요. Slack Is Raising Another Round At Up To A $1B Valuation http://t.co/3H2twqhSji @techcrunch 님이 공유

@Dcamp_kr: 1조($1B)의 가치 평가를 기준으로 최근 투자 유치를 한 협업프로젝트 서비스 Slack 에 대한 기사입니다.

이제 막 시작하는 분들은 Slack 도입을 한 번 생각해 보세요.... http://t.co/naoaFkBvdF