1 Does a good grade always mean a student has learned the material?
2 So a student with a foreign language test should go to bed early to get the most retention from sleep, and then review in the morning.
3 For math students, the second half of the sleep cycle is most important — better to review before going to bed and then sleep in to let the brain pr..
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@atmostbeautiful: 벼락치기 지식은 빨리 잊힌다. 뇌가 중요하지 않게 본다. 간격 두고 반복 학습해라. 장소를 바꿔가며 공부해라. 배운 걸 말로 설명해라. 뇌과학에 입각한 학습법 담은 신간 How We Learn 재밌는 팁이 많다 http://t.co/dzG8sekxN6