1 There are many arguments for and against flat design , so in this article I wanted to take a quick look at how flat design can actually affect your ..
2 However given the right approach, even this level of minimalism can still be functional if usability is taken into account (sorry Microsoft).
3 Take for example the beautifully crafted Take Your Pulse website below.
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@likelinkUX: 플랫 디자인(Flat Design)으로 전환율을 올리는 방법 http://t.co/yDqtxCnkH4 #uxkr

@lookblue: “@likelinkUX: 플랫 디자인(Flat Design)으로 전환율을 올리는 방법 http://t.co/s5TfNtCOTM #uxkr” #fb