1 Instapaper , bringing bookmarks into the future, has just launched a big redesign of the iOS version of the app with loads of new features and a bra..
2 Instapaper 6 also introduces profiles so that users can follow their friends’ reads, as well as a unified search for any text within the app.
3 iOS was the last of Instapaper’s products (such as the Android app and the web version) to not include a single save button, so this marks a big ste..
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@startup_bot: 북마크서비스 Instapaper가 앱을 무료로 풀고, 부분유료화(Freemium) 비즈니스모델로 전환 http://t.co/u6f8qCx7QX

@jdaesung: Instapaper Goes Freemium With Big iOS Redesign | TechCrunch http://t.co/TejLa3E3n0 인스타페이퍼가 몇가지 기능을 추가했다고. 글 읽어주기 등등.

@plan153: "북마크서비스 Instapaper가 앱을 무료로 풀고, 부분유료화(Freemium) 비즈니스모델로 전환" good read http://t.co/PENCF1ZD5O