1 In a day packed with major Apple announcements, the company tackled smartphones, wearables , and payments .
2 According to a single well-placed source inside Apple’s engineering team, the company is poised to announce an acquisition of Dave Morin’s Path soci..
3 Apple has been known to be a fan of Morin’s, as well as the Path design aesthetic and broader design team.
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@duoh5log: 애플이 path를 인수하려 한다는 기사. Waze 인수가 구글로 넘어갔을때 비하면 개인적으로 반기는 편. 왜? Path는 애플과 같은 폐쇄적인 DNA를 갖고 있어 왠지 잘 맞을 것 같아서... http://t.co/EvZMN2FSOz