1 Then you’ve come to the right place, because in the blog post I will present you how to “beautifully” design a REST API and also, how to implement i..
2 then, accordingly to the specification the resource “stored” at the location should have only id and title, and clearly my intent was not that.
3 Anyway REST is an architectural style, is not a specification and you should adapt the architecture to your needs, but if you want to make your API ..
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@lswdev: 자바, 스프링, Jersey를 사용한 REST API 구현 튜토리얼 http://t.co/uFthpqkuuf

@developerfarm: "자바, 스프링, Jersey를 사용한 REST API 구현 튜토리얼" http://t.co/ePiAeWtQu2