1 Have you ever wondered how bitly makes money?
2 How can you expose information from tools?
3 Nsq, for example, has a nice admin interface that gives feedback on how queues are behaving.
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@xguru: Bitly 의 분산 시스템 http://t.co/VXCiYxsS2N 월 6억개의 신규 짧은 주소를 처리. HDFS/S3/Nagios/Nsq 등으로 구성되어 SOA+큐+비동기 메시징

@lswdev: Bit.ly 아키텍처: HDFS/S3/Nagios/Nsq, SOA+큐+비동기 메시징 http://t.co/4j4q4gh4Mg