1 Facebook’s earnings beat projections for the 8th quarter straight with $2.91B in revenue and $0.42EPS in Q2 2014 .
2 However, that product is still spinning up and probably didn’t contribute meaningful revenue this quarter.
3 The service is growing about twice as fast on mobile compared to its services as a whole.
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@GreekSage: FB의 성장세는 놀랍고 여전히 잠재력이 크다는 생각이다. 주주로서 반가운 실적이다."@TechCrunch: Facebook's earnings in 5 charts http://t.co/eVPzIURTAq"

@startup_bot: Facebook 2분기 매출 3조원, 사용자 13.2억명, 광고의 62%는 모바일 유저 http://t.co/OQqygOv2iH

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