1 I’ve been fighting with Node.js long enough in production now that I don’t enjoy working with it anymore unfortunately, so at least for now this my ..
2 EDIT: I must have misread some mailing list posts, they’re not eager to make breaking changes any time soon.
3 Most Go libraries look and feel similar, most of the third-party code I’ve worked with so far is high quality, which is sometimes difficult to find ..
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@Outsideris: Farewell Node.js by @tjholowaychuk 오마이갓!! 요즘 불안불안하더니 tj가 node를 버리고 go로 갈아탔네요 https://t.co/maoEUZyAD4

@free1002: https://t.co/ozACSxZdjC JetBrains 가 혹 Go IDE를 만들면 생각해보겠..