1 If you haven’t seen some of the videos or tutorials around Java 8, you’ve probably been super-busy or have a more interesting social life than I do ..
2 With new features like lambda expressions and Project Nashorn taking so much of the spotlight, I wanted to focus on some new APIs that have been a b..
3 As such, there are many ways in which you can do this today, but none so efficient or elegant as what Java 8 has to offer.
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@lswdev: 아무도 얘기 안 하지만 강력한 Java 8 의 기능들 http://t.co/XQ12dSdZft

@jrogue: 아무도 얘기 안 하지만 강력한 Java 8 의 기능들 http://t.co/DHNW0MXAKE