1 The IETF just published several new RFCs that update HTTP/1.1:
2 Clarifications around dealing with unexpected whitespace, which should fix response splitting vulnerabilities.
3 This is a good example of a case where everybody has been (incorrectly) already doing this, and the spec now reflects the real world implementation.
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@hongminhee: 상태 코드 308 정식 표준으로 됐고, X-Forwarded-{For,Proto} 헤더 대체할 Forwarded 헤더도 표준에 들어왔다. http://t.co/Z8fjLbmIfh

@studioego: HTTP/1.1이 업데이트 되었다고 하니 유심히 읽어봐야할듯. HTTP/1.1 just got a major update.

- http://t.co/bElGO2uCOa

@thechunsik: HTTP/1.1 메이저 업뎃이 있었네요

웹 API 디자인 하시는 분들은 참고하시면 좋을듯!

난 공부삼아 한 번.... "HTTP/1.1 just got a major update." http://t.co/1RkDEr4ePE