1 Redesigning Mary Meeker's Ugly Internet Slideshow
2 Using green and red on the same slide, De Cubber says, creates a good/bad dichotomy, so he replaced them with colors in the same qualitative range w..
3 So we asked the presentation designer Emiland De Cubber —who famously redesigned the NSA’s confoundingly ugly PRISM PowerPoint that was leaked by Ed..
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@KIM_BOYOUNG_: 프리젠테이션 자료판 '러브 하우스'? KPCB의 인터넷 트렌드 2014가 편집이 아쉬웠다면 한번씩 보세요 :) "Redesigning Mary Meeker's Ugly Internet Slideshow" http://t.co/jy8uDITixv

@kaidomo: 비지니스 위크가 이런것도 ㅋㅋ http://t.co/bd1ZXCaPeb