1 The first version of Socket.IO was created shortly after Node.JS made its first appearance.
2 Turn on sticky load balancing (for example by origin IP address).
3 There’s a lot to say about Socket.IO 1.0, so if you’re short in time, feel free to jump to the parts that are most interesting to you:
트위터 반응

@Outsideris: Introducing Socket.IO 1.0 http://t.co/qZdI8uuUez
Socket.IO 1.0 드뎌 등장!

@_nb__m: Socket.io 1.0 버전이 (드디어?) 릴리즈됨. 깔끔해졌네. 변태같은 예제들 재밌다 http://t.co/BY21CPW7s4