1 Marc Andreessen famously said that for startups, “the only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit.” Product/market fit means providing ..
2 How we use it : This is one of the most important graphs for the Growth team because it tells us where to focus.
3 How we use it : There are many ways people can use Pinterest, so there’s no one specific thing Pinners do to gain value.

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@minist: 꾸준한 급성장을 이어가는 핀터레스트가 어떻게 이러한 성장이 가능했는지를 소개. 어떻게 유저의 상태변화,Xd28,코호트 히트맵,유저 전환 단계의 분석 등으로 성장을 이어갔는가에 대한 참고할만한 분석 http://t.co/vbn6Y3qTFt