1 Here is my Katas for creating BASH programs that work.
2 Usually for loop use i variable, so it is very important that you declare it as local.
3 Here I have exception, for testing, I declare DF in the global scope not readonly.
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@lswdev: 방어적인 BASH 프로그래밍 http://t.co/EaByNzkr5P

@_Yous: Defensive BASH programming http://t.co/PGMJVYlDfF bash는 단순 스크립트용으로 쓰곤 하지만...

@developerfarm: "방어적인 BASH 프로그래밍(Defensive BASH programming)" http://t.co/LeocHgOotS

@park_jinwoo: Defensive BASH Programming http://t.co/D4Lse069YF readonly, local 같은 게 있는지 처음 알았다.