1 Of all the things I learned at UIKonf 2014 last week, the one that impressed me most was Dropboxʼs story of how they use C++ to share non-UI code be..
2 While the main thread must obviously be reserved for the UI, the C++ layer mostly (with very few exceptions) runs in a single background thread, as ..
3 The iOS app used Core Data at the time, so migrating it off of Core Data to the shared C++ library was also part of the process.

Dropbox는 UI 이외의 부분을 C++로 구현하고 있다. HTML5과는 다른 접근.

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@vinebrancho: 하나의 c++ library로 iOS(objective c++)와 Android(NDK) 앱개발에 적용한 dropbox 사례. 생산성을 위한 하나의 선택이라봄. 이렇게 사용하는 사례가 있었군요^^ http://t.co/pSsFCsIBxE

@developerfarm: "How Dropbox Uses C++ for Cross-Platform iOS and Android Development" http://t.co/Hpdgxudsq8 드롭박스가 C++를 이용해 크로스플랫폼 iOS와 안드로이드 앱을 개발하는 방법