1 When the 2014 World Cup in Brazil kicks off on June 12, we'll be treated to one month of the world's best, most exciting soccer.
2 We've been nerding out over World Cup kits all spring, so now it's time to gather them all together in once place.
3 But each company is busting out the best it has to offer for the millions of soccer fans (and apparel consumers) who will tune into the World Cup fr..

한국 유니폼이 무려 30위를 차지하는 기염을 토했다

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@lucidz: 매셔블에서 매긴 2014 월드컵 유니폼 디자인 랭킹.
1위는 브라질. 한국은 30위;; http://t.co/gMM2w4aUZZ

@kingkenny1967: #WC2014 월드컵 출전 국가들 유니폼 순위 누가 매긴 건데 나는 강력하게 동의.