1 A while ago, I wanted to get a little quick feedback on some data I was playing with, but the day was almost over and I wasn’t done working on it yet.
2 In only two cases do the percentages of created and pushed repos differ by more than 2 points: Perl in 2009 (+4.1% pushed) and Ruby in 2008 (–3.5% p..
3 This is actually “slower” than a linear decrease as it curves upwards, so it indicates that relative to everything else moving linearly downward, Ru..
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@maso_twt: 깃허브의 최근 5년 간 언어 트렌드와 변화하는 언어 환경을 정리한 포스팅을 공유합니다. 이 그래프를 보면 자바스크립트와 자바가 선전하고 있으며, 루비와 펄 등이 약세인 것을 알 수 있는데요.

하지만... http://t.co/nty6SIE2an

@endofwar: GitHub language trends and the fragmenting landscape http://t.co/MoVt43RboT(와우 이런정보를)

@privacyboho: http://t.co/Yy3HvjkqQ7
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