1 One of the features that came out of our little hackaton and will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks is the ability to detect duplicate icon..
2 In the most simple case where the images differ only slightly the hashes most likely will be the same so we can directly compare them.
3 As I said in the introduction, we will be using the algorithm in the future on Iconfinder to warn us if a submitted icon already exists in our colle..
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@yong27: 파이썬으로 도용 이미지 찾기 http://t.co/MvTbvivuTk

@developerfarm: "파이썬을 이용한 중복 이미지 찾기(Detecting duplicate images using Python)

@hannJS: 다음에 읽으려고 Detecting duplicate images using Python 글을 저장. http://t.co/KlidmYJaUo