1 CoffeeScript is currently my favourite language to write in! That is because CoffeeScript contains three things that I like in a language:
2 However, for all its benefits, CoffeeScript is complicated by its intertwined relationship with Javascript.
3 It takes elements from Ruby , Python and Haskell to create its blend of functional and OO features.
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@mimul: 왜 JavaScript 대신 CoffeeScrpt를 사용해야하나?

@developerfarm: "왜 자바스크립트 대신 커피스크립트를 사용해야 할까?(Why should you use CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript?)" http://t.co/ZxwcFWA6BT

@lswdev: 자바스크립트 대신 커피스크립트(CoffeeScript)를 사용해야 하는 이유 http://t.co/2MjhHLoT8x