1 Zite , the personalized magazine that categorizes news based on popularity and reader interest, has been acquired by Flipboard , the social magazine..
2 Unlike Flipboard, however, which has been focusing on its editorial and user-created magazine efforts in the past couple of years, Zite has continue..
3 According to TechCrunch , Flipboard acquired the company from CNN (which bought Zite in 2011 for $20 million) for a deal valued at $60 million and t..
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@Outsideris: 내가 flipboard보가 좋아하는 zite가 플립보드에 인수됐네 http://t.co/Yw1NCzCkR4

@sungduhong: Flipboard가 비슷한 서비스인 Zite를 인수했군요. 이제 Flipboard로 단결?^^ http://t.co/HlK0rknPWD http://t.co/u1wo54RbaQ