1 Every day people upload more than 350 million photos to Facebook as of December 2012 and view many more in their News Feeds and on their friends’ Ti..
2 Based on our trace data, the S4LRU algorithm again gives the best results.
3 But there is also a deep and distributed photo-serving stack with many layers of caches that delivers photos to people so they can view them.
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@musart: 페이스북의 포토 캐싱관련 분석 글 https://t.co/FCLXX2nXE9

@mimul: Facebook의 Wyatt Lloyd가 Facebook photo 캐시 적중률을 올리는 방법과 분석 결과 - http://t.co/PYQJMpoSUx 논문 - http://t.co/JDAqyMhNxV