1 Koum says he doesn't actually have a bodyguard but he does hate the word "entrepreneur."
2 WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum doesn't like to be called an entrepreneur, even though he created a massively successful messaging company.
3 Journalist Nastya Chernikova interviewed Koum at Barcelona's World Mobile Congress conference and asked him why he doesn't like the word.
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@dsuh9: 와츠앱 창업자,
자신을 Entrepreneur 라고 부르면 면상을 날려버리겠다고 트윗.
자신이 이해하기에 entrepreneur는 돈을 벌려고 회사를 만든 사람이지만, 자신은 그러려고 와츠앱 만든게 아니라고. http://t.co/Qi2Op3sNB3