1 This is going to sound overly reductive, but I promise it's not:
2 Where do they spend their time?
3 I think it was around 3 months so it wasn't as fresh but what I did was go through email addresses one by one, picked out the companies that sounded..
트위터 반응

@haruair: 초기 100명의 유저를 찾는 방법 https://t.co/G8x5HhC1qS 어떤 마켓을 목표로 한 기업인가에 따라 다르겠지만 공통적인 결론은 rinse and repeat. 링크드인을 활용하는 방법이 인상적.

@sungchi: https://t.co/EuYiCUuUUb Ask HN: 첫 100명의 사용자를 어떻게 모았나요?

@startup_bot: 초기 100명의 유저를 얻기위해 무엇을 해야 하나. What'd you do to get your first 100 users? http://t.co/2Lzhw6wGHZ