1 In part 1 of our post, one of the items we discussed was our issues with using DNS as a load balancing solution.
2 Did we really need to do something like this?
3 The average response size from ping.chartbeat.net is way under that, at around 43 bytes, so this change had no benefit to us at the time when the se..
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@xguru: Chartbeat이 EC2상에서 튜닝한 사례공개
파트1 http://t.co/q8UfRt5ZUX
파트2 http://t.co/OukhCti7d3
Dyn DNS로드밸런싱에서 ELB로 변경 및 TCP튜닝후 응답시간 98.5%감소 200ms -> 3ms