1 We regularly hold Fix-Its at Khan Academy, where we take a day to work on the little things that pile up, the bugs and tweaks and optimizations we d..
2 We already send down FontAwesome with every page, because we use their icons so heavily, so it made sense to give up images entirely and just use th..
3 However, my colleague then informed me that we actually had FontAwesome icons ( in our custom build! ) that looked nearly the same as the Google and..
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@xguru: 칸 아카데미가 첫 페이지 로딩속도 개선을 위해 이미지를 없앤 방법들 http://t.co/VVMh2roX3s TinyPNG로 줄이고,로고는 CSS Data URI로,각종 아이콘은 FontAwesome/Dealy Loading. HTTP요청수 57%감소