1 Cloud collaboration pioneer Box has filed paperwork for its initial public offering, according to a report on Quartz .
2 The article cites an unnamed source who said Box filed its S-1 form in secret — as did Twitter over the summer — taking advantage of a provision in ..
3 While the exact timing might have come as a surprise, if the report is accurate, it was no secret that Box has been positioning itself for an IPO fo..
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@minist: 클라우드 파일 저장 서비스에서 협업 플랫폼으로 진화중인 Box가 조용히 상장 신청서를 제출했다고. 매출은 2012년 150%,작년 100%가 증가해 초고속 성장중인 회사로 상장시 기업가치는 2조원을 상회할 듯 http://t.co/H6RAE86HNf