1 The Walt Disney Company just that Jack Dorsey (co-founder and CEO of Square, as well co-founder and chairman at Twitter, as if you didn’t know) has ..
2 The deal brought Apple’s Steve Jobs to the Disney board and made him the company’s largest shareholder — so this is another way that Dorsey is follo..
3 Dorsey, meanwhile, has become one of the best-known executives in the tech industry and the startup world, with a recent New Yorker profile not just..
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@inicis: Square의 CEO 뿐만 아니라 Twitter의 공동 설립자인 Jack Dorsey가 Walt Disney 이사회에 합류 했다고 하네요.http://t.co/a5VuH0PBkr 테크시장의 선구자인 그와 월트디지니의 만남, 앞으로가 많이 기대됩니다.