1 When we first established the 9 Buffer values that we wanted to have as the center of our company culture, we knew that sticking to these ideas will..
2 One of the most important parts of the salary formula is that this is a living document.
3 Another thing that happens when you default to transparency is that it breaks down barriers within the team drastically.
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@minist: Buffer가 투명성을 위해서 투자자 업데이트,고객서비스 만족도,블로그 접속자,유료 가입자 증감,매출 및 비용의 정보는 물론,전 직원의 급여와 급여 기준 등을 모두 공개. 찬사와 함께 우려의 토론이 뜨겁네요 http://t.co/uWMOqt52ua

@fluxus75: Introducing Open Salaries at Buffer: Our Transparent Formula and All Individual Salaries http://t.co/HCM2DA0NCz 함 봐요. 오픈 샐러리.