1 Surrounding yourself with babies can be a great reminder of all of the things we take for granted in life.
2 That's why it's so funny when someone records that reaction and GIF's it up for us.
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@bobaepapa: 9 Babies Reacting to Things For the First Time http://t.co/1wPn3q7a0R @mashable 에서

@openusnet: 놀란 아가들의 액션은 미안하지만 우리들에게 미소를 줘요. 넘 이뻐 다들. http://t.co/fdDpGNSkpL

@giraa: 아유이걸어떻게어떻게아우이걸이뻐이뻐미쳐. http://t.co/x6kJ1TTjXZ

@stonegg: 역시 어린아이들은 울먹여도 예쁘네...

나이들면 얼굴에 주름이 생겨 웃어도 안이쁜데... http://t.co/ODUziuAxHv