1 Apple has purchased social analytics firm Topsy, which focuses on parsing data from Twitter, reports .
2 Whatever use Topsy's team or product is put to, its strengths came in real-time parsing of enormous data sets, so it would be something that was tim..
3 This would boost revenue and relevance across Apple's ad platforms, which haven't been incredibly robust so far.
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@hiconcep: 애플이 Topsy를 2억 달러에 인수. 트위터 플랫폼의 데이터를 모으고 분석하는 곳인데, 어떤 의도일지 궁금하네요 - http://t.co/DE0UaOcWVV

@hmpyo: <애플, 트윗 분석회사 Topsy 인수
- techcrunch>
Topsy는 트윗을 분석하여 어떤 주제가 최근 인기 있는 지 등을 분석하는 기업