1 Java Developers: Takipi tells you when new code breaks in production -
2 Spring and Apache libraries are so prevalent they’re practically a part of the language, with over 25% of the top 100 libraries split fairly evenly ..
3 MongoDB is however still popular in Ruby with 185 entries, which is twice as much projects than in Java.
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@Rhiokim: 내용 좋네. “@newsycombinator: We Analyzed 30K GitHub Projects: Here are The Top 100 Libraries in Java, JS&Ruby http://t.co/28lpRs1DxO”

@neozest: gitHub 프로젝트에서 인기리에 사용중인 라이브러리 Top 100 (자바,자바스크립트, 루비) : http://t.co/KbyP6OyCmv

@n0lb00: 삼만개의 깃허브 프로젝트를 분석해서 자바/js/루비 탑 100 라이브러리를 요약e http://t.co/z65oaw7fHL 전체 리스트는 마지막 구글 링크에. 그룬트가 장난아니군요!