1 Update 10/28/2013 6:30PM CDT – I have been in contact with Linkedin’s security team and a hotfix has recently been released to address the findings ..
2 The premise is simple: allow iPhone users to see details about the people they are emailing within the native iPhone Mail App.
3 I am no CSS expert so there could very well be tricks to still get around this and remove the content (or even just hide it and overlap it) – email ..
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@Outsideris: http://t.co/vAAg5ph6On 얼마전에 LinkedIn이 공개한 Intro라는 기능을 해킹햇서 프로필을 가로채버린 얘기.. 일단 LinkedIn이 빠른 대처로 처리했지만 꽤 흥미롭다.. ㅎ