1 According to sources close to the situation, Snapchat could announce its latest massive funding later this week.
2 It has also become potentially worrisome to established social players — so much so that sources said when Spiegel continually rebuffed Facebook CEO..
3 The interest in investing is because the mobile Snapchat app has proved so popular and has become global.
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@hiconcep: 페이스북 이후 급부상하는 SnapChat에 텐센트가 대규모 투자를 했네요. 가치를 $4B으로 산정했다고. 텐센트가 카카오톡에도 큰 투자를 했었는데, 이 분야의 큰손으로 부상 - http://t.co/4PmV8a6Ubn