1 Surprisingly, that’s a fairly ambiguous statement.
2 Why is this crazy idea worth pursuing?
3 But there’s a lot of confusion around PyPy (see, for example, this nonsensical proposal to create a PyPyPy… ).
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@disjukr: c++ 쓰라고 하는건 이해 하겠는데 '스크립트 언어' '인터프리터 언어' 사용한다고 뭐라 하는 사람들한테 보여주고 싶은 글: http://t.co/Z85dbwFlJW

@ntrolls: @d_ijk_stra pypy를 믿어보세요 :) http://t.co/1NsS5mjIfo

@McBronds: @McBronds Why Are There So Many Pythons? From Bytecode to JIT (with code) | Toptal http://t.co/EXCIDgxonJ @toptalllc 에서