1 “ So, how much experience do you have with Big Data and Hadoop?” they asked me.
2 Most likely your data is orders of magnitude smaller.
3 “Could you use Hadoop to do a simple group by and sum?” Of course I could, and I just told them I needed to see an example of the file format.

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@haje01: "하둡 쓰지 마세요 - 당신의 데이터는 그렇게 크지 않습니다 (Don't use Hadoop - your data isn't that big)" http://t.co/e5r2FvnN89 SQL이나 파이썬 몇 줄로 충분한 경우도 많지요.

@Lidless_Eye: Too big for Excel is not "Big Data". 오오 이거 좋은 말이다... http://t.co/RcnwJPCXOo