1 From Moves to Narrato , apps that allow you to record what you’ve been up to and where you’ve been, either automatically or manually, seem to be enj..
2 In recent days it’s seen an update that allows you to share your journeys with others via a Web page that can be emailed, tweeted or posted to Faceb..
3 Rove is a beautiful-looking iOS app that records your journeys in a similar way to Moves, but focuses more on the locations than your physical activ..
트위터 반응

@dsuh9: 여행기록용 앱을 찾아 시도 안해본 앱이 없었는데, 개인적으로 바라던 방향에 가까운 앱이 나온 듯.

지도에 이동궤적/장소, 사진도 시간 배열, 정리된 웹페이지 제공
(링크속 예시 페이지 굿)