1 On the news that Microsoft will purchase substantial assets from Nokia, including its handset business and intellectual property, company investors ..
2 Therefore, investors are, wittingly or not, stating that the exit of Ballmer is roughly as good as the purchase of Nokia is bad.
3 So $7.2 billion later, Microsoft has control of its mobile platform and it has control over its mobile destiny.
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@chungshik: 얼마전 스티브 발머 퇴진 소식에 올랐던 MS 주가가 이번 딜로 원상회복했다는 재미있는 기사: http://t.co/4nTfjVjTig 해외에 있던 free cash를 사용한 딜이어서 어차피 세금 낼 돈을 쓴거니 MS도 괜찮은 딜이었다는 언급도 있음.