1 Today, on the two year anniversary of releasing Bootstrap to the world, we're shipping Bootstrap 3.0.
2 You'll see some new margin and padding changes, but no markup changes should be required.
3 Hella bugs have been fixed (duh, right?).
트위터 반응

@iamkimtree: 부트스트랩 3 출시! RC2 나온지 얼마 안 되었던 것 같은데, 벌써 나왔네요. 게다가 오늘(미국시간 기준)은 부트스트랩 출시 2주년 이라고~ http://t.co/KEiByTVgrf

@Outsideris: Bootstrap 3 released 드뎌 나옴... http://t.co/4tAmuyyk9Q