1 (This is one of a pair of essays on fundraising.
2 Usually you can find this by asking "why now?" If this is such a great idea, why hasn't someone else already done it?
3 Why do founders persist in trying to convince investors of things they're not convinced of themselves?
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@jimmyrim: Paul 아저씨의 새로운 에세이. "How to Convince Investors" 내용 좋네요~ http://t.co/AqUDOhcd82

@sunheeyoon: 이 글이 최근에 많이 회자되는듯. 자신감이 중요한것 같은데, 이게 연기한다고 되는게 아니라 실력과 내공이 쌓여야.. 물론 안속고 제대로 알아본다는 가정하에.^^ "How to Convince Investors" http://t.co/Z7dDG1KUUz