1 Digital marketing is about to enter more challenging territory.
2 The price of such tags is already as low as 15 cents, and new research could make them even cheaper, so more companies could build them into almost ..
3 challenge the delivery processes behind every touch point—are the processes making the best use of your data and interaction opportunities and are t..
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@anddypark: [브랜딩전략 & 디지털마케팅 컨설턴트, 박현준의 "Future Marketing"]

급변하는 디지털 기술은 "퓨처 마케팅"을 어떻게 바꿔 놓을까요?
'미래의 소비자들', '소셜 컨슈머의 등장'... http://t.co/GQmpo3ClVh