1 I'm not sure what I was expecting the stack GOV.UK used at launch to look like.
2 So much not so I thought any organization looking at their own stack for ideas could learn something from the considered choices of others.
3 (it's a direct copy so feel free to read the original)
트위터 반응

@ahastudio: “GOV.UK - The majority of our applications are written in ruby, based on either Ruby on Rails or Sinatra.” 대략 그러하다. http://t.co/JevMGX56Mj

@ahastudio: “GOV.UK - A few components are written in Scala and built on top of Play 2.0” 그래떤거시다. http://t.co/JevMGX56Mj

@ahastudio: “GOV.UK - We’re running Mapit from MySociety which is built on top of Django” 아시겠습니까... http://t.co/JevMGX56Mj