1 FORTUNE – One of the most notable changes in VC financings over the past five years has been the widespread adoption of founder liquidity.
2 So my comments are more general than specific, with Snapchat serving mostly as an anecdotal placeholder.
3 Why do your founders feel so strongly about banking huge checks today, if they believe in their company’s future?

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@woosungahn: Snapchat's liquidity trap http://t.co/af2fZxt4QS 스냅챗의 최근 8천만$ 펀딩으로 20대 초반 두 공동창업자는 각 천만$씩 일단 캐쉬아웃- 과연 내일 회사가 사라져도 평생 살만한 현금을 쥔 이들이 초심을 이어갈까