1 Update: It came to our attention that the “Loupe” name is also used by a commercial product, and so we have changed the name to Kale.
2 We will also be speaking about it at Velocity next week (see the abstract here ), so if you’re around, come and say hi! In the meantime, we are open..
3 and shows you other metrics which are similar for the same time period.

[SW개발] Introducing Kale - Etsy가 발표한 모니터링 스택 tp://www.voguetomsshoes.com http://www.voguetomsshoes.com

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@xguru: Kale - Etsy가 발표한 모니터링 스택 http://t.co/9YQerXsLsV 비정상 메트릭을 포착하는 Skyline, 이렇게 포착된 것과 비슷한 메트릭을 검색하는 Oculus. StatsD로 메트릭 보는 곳에선 최적일듯