1 Facebook is wrapping up a press session at its Menlo Park headquarters where it talked about the progress that it’s making with advertisers and anno..
2 For example, Facebook is eliminating the Questions product and instead adding the ability to ask Questions within a regular Page Post.
3 Ultimately, advertisers should just tell Facebook “who you are, what your message is, and what your objective is,” then they should be able to run t..

현재의 비딩에 의한 가격 결정을 바꾸지는 않는다

큰 틀에서 변화가 아닌.. 광고 상품을 통합하고 그러는 것으로 보이네요. 기능 처럼 활용할 수 있는 상품을 일종의 옵션으로 정리하는..

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